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Ayr Phoenix Folk Club

Ayr Phoenix Folk Club, as the name implies, has risen from the ashes of the old Ayr Folk Club which ceased operating many years ago. There are a number of thriving session scenes operating in and around the town of Ayr but no structured folk club presenting respected quality guest performers supported by club floor singers as in days of yore. A number of such clubs continue to be well supported out in the Ayrshire ‘suburbs’ but it is believed Ayr Ex Services Club is an ideal town centre venue to trial and establish this new venture in response to a demand from local folk music followers who have for some time been expressing a desire to see the old scene resuscitated.

John “Pat” Lappin, a stalwart of the folk scene in Scotland and beyond and Jim Scullion, a retired academic with a fondness for folk and traditional music, revived the club as joint organisers for the first almost 2 years. During that time, Jim one day asked his beloved to clean his guitar. Alas she put it in the washing machine and it shrunk. Fate had struck and ever since Jim and then Mo took up playing the ukulele. Subsequently, Jim became organisationally involved in the great ukulele revival in Ayr on the organisation team of the Ayrshire Ukulele Clan operating out of Troon. Such has been the success of the Clan and the associated workload, that Jim had to make the understandable decision to leave his co-organiser role with Ayr Phoenix Folk Club. A hard act to follow, Graham Charlton has joined Pat as co-organiser. Graham is a well kent, seasoned promoter of the folk scene in Ayr and beyond (and UWS Radio Folk Music Presenter ).

Enormous appreciation must be expressed for Jim Scullion’s contribution to the re-start of our Ayr town centre folk club. Pat could not have taken on the venture without him. A friendly liaison between our two community music ventures is surely assured.

Funding and Supporters

Proceeds from our Folk Club go significantly towards our efforts, in partnership with Ayr Ex Services Club, to provide Music Therapy for brain impaired care community More details are available here. We are extremely grateful to the organisations and individuals who have donated in cash or kind:

Ayr Ex Services Club have raised substantial public funds to facilitate our community care project.

A special thanks to all  our members who have generously donated raffle prizes.

There’s a little piece of historical information here about the original Ayr Folk Club in the 1970’s.  We’ve been contacted By someone who attended the original club, who said: “the original folk club was in Loudoun Hall. It was run by George McEwan from Maybole. He wrote Connolly’s Welly Boot song. First saw Hamish, McGinn, The Humblebums and many of the worthies of the Scottish folk scene there.”

Can you add any more to it?  Email and let us know.


Ayr Ex-Services Club

We hope you have enjoyed the Ayr Ex Services Club venue facilities of our new Ayr Phoenix Folk Club and its associated events

Membership of  Ayr Ex-Services Club is open to the public at large. First year annual club membership price £37. Annual membership renewed every December.

  • Money Bingo every Wednesday night – eyes down 7-45
  • Regular entertainment especially every Saturday night 8-00 till 11-30.
  • Margaret’s famous cuppa and scone
  • Reasonably priced drink
  • Folk Club nights and Saturday afternoon sessions
  • Alzheimer’s/Dementia/ Multiple Sclerosis care sector entertainment
  • Burns Club venue
  • Snooker, darts, pool table
  • Wheelchair access
  • Club venue private hire available
  • Smaller private meeting room
  • Fantastic bar staff!